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There is never a point at which you have to stop growing. This blog is designed to inspire and encourage you to grow and become the person that Jesus sees that you can be. Jesus would love to help you start a journey with Him.

I am on a journey with Jesus. The longer I walk with Him, the more amazing I find Him to be. It is a beautiful thought that He really can make our characters like His; He sees us not as we are, but as we can be. He is there to help us to improve in every area of our lives so that we can become like Him. How glorious!

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Heart Healing: Fighting Against Impure “Love” with God’s Pure Love

I chose the picture in this blog post because it’s a beautiful illustration of who Jesus is to us. He can reach down and save us when we’re struggling to rise above the waves that come at us in life. He is so loving and so good! In these days, Satan is bombarding all of…

Heart Healing: Let Jesus Be a Part of Your Daily Life

Hello everyone. I hope that this short blog post will bring encouragement and inspiration to your day. Something I have learned that really helps me is the practice of imagining Jesus being a part of my life while I’m at work. I often claim the following verses as I arrive at work: “For this cause…

Heart Healing: His Ways are the Best

Whenever we live our lives depending on ourselves, our problems become harder to bear. Whenever we live our lives trusting in and cooperating with God, we have His strength to sustain and bless us no matter what we go through. I have lived life both ways (depending on myself and depending on God) and I…