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Hello everyone!

Today, I’m sharing a couple of tips on how to stay and/or become organized. Organization makes life easier…really, it does! Organization will enable you to find what you need when you need it. It will enable you to have a sense of control over your life. Organization will keep your mind alert and active. Organization is good!

Tip #1: If your life is out of control, maybe you need to write a timed schedule.

Now what is a timed schedule, you ask? Glad you asked. I think I made up the term, but you never know; someone else may have coined it before me.

A timed schedule is a written schedule with time limits assigned to each activity. Here are some examples of possible entries in a timed schedule:

1. Clean the kitchen- 45 minutes.
2. Vacuum the living room- 20 minutes max.

The Lord gave me the idea of creating timed schedules about three years ago when I was driven, disorganized, intemperate and overwhelmed. What a change timed schedules made in my life and in my family’s lives! (because I became more available to help around the house). I haven’t been using timed schedules for some time, but I might just start again at some point. I especially recommend this strategy for people who are living hectic, busy lives and who want to have a handle on their lives at home.

Note: Timed schedules will look different from person to person. We aren’t all equally efficient at completing the same tasks. Some of us live alone; others of us have big families. The timed schedule is for you; it’s there to help you to stay on track and to surround the responsibilities and hobbies you have.

Tip # 2. Use Evernote.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to advertise or promote Evernote.

I LOVE Evernote. This website (there is also an Evernote app) enables people to create online notebooks. In these notebooks, you can copy and paste links to web pages you want to or need to come back too. You can also simply type up notes. I like the fact that you can share your notebooks with others! I currently have approximately sixty-eight notebooks on Evernote. Some of my notebooks are very large.

 A big thank you to the creators of this amazing program. I highly recommend Evernote…especially to students, to people who are looking for jobs and for people with hobbies and/or ongoing projects. You can check out this page for more info on the many ways in which Evernote may be useful to you…or even to your business or ministry! This page also provides info on the different plans Evernote offers.

Note: I use the “Basic” version of Evernote, which is free.

I hope that these tips have been helpful. I hope that all of us are either organized, or in the process of becoming organized. Let’s be always growing, always learning, and always “in progress”. God bless you all. 🙂


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