Ezekiel 36: A Message of Hope


Happy New Years everyone!

It’s 2020! Where has the time gone? This year, I have one resolution: to become more and more like Jesus in every area of my life. I cannot transform myself, but I can surrender to and cooperate with God, who both can and longs to transform me. What a powerful, loving and merciful God I serve!

Lately I have been reading and re-reading Ezekiel 36. https://www.biblestudytools.com/nkjv/ezekiel/36.html. I LOVE this chapter! It gives me so much hope! In a nutshell: Ezekiel 36 tells the story of God’s people who were in captivity due to their own sins. The nations who witnessed their captivity made fun of them. BUT… God is a great, merciful and loving God! Ezekiel 36:20-27 are especially touching verses to me. I hope that you will take a break and read them. 🙂 https://www.biblestudytools.com/nkjv/ezekiel/passage/?q=ezekiel+36:20-27

…And it gets better! If you read verses 33-38 of Ezekiel 36, you will see that the nations that were mocking God’s people afterwards witnessed the restoration of God’s people. They were amazed by what they saw. They became convinced that The LORD was the one who had helped His people. https://www.biblestudytools.com/nkjv/ezekiel/passage/?q=ezekiel+36:33-38

I often feel that I have brought myself into captivity  through my own sins and I can see that God is the only one who is able to free me from this captivity…and since I am allowing Him to, He is! I am humbled and grateful. I am content to let Him to make me into the person He wants me to be through whatever means necessary and through however long or short a process is necessary. I want God to do a great work in my life! I want to live out the experience of Ezekiel 36. As I surrender all to God each and every day, as I allow Him to make my heart like His and as I continually seek to learn about Him and His ways from His Word, I’m confident that He will continue to change my life.
Ezekiel 36 is for all of us. I beg you all to “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8 (KJV) ). I have done this and have found the greatest sweetness that there is.  Courage and blessings to all. 🙂
Note: Below I’m sharing an encouraging note I sent to a friend last year. If you are interested in reading on, I hope that you will and that you will be touched by my testimony of what Jesus’ love means to me.
                                     The Beautiful Love of Jesus
I just wanted to let you know that I pray for you often and I have no doubt that God is able, willing and ready to uphold your steps, guide and provide for you in life.
Life with Jesus is full of ups and downs but the constancy that we are privileged to experience is found in believing, by faith, that our loving Savior will never leave nor forsake us. Through our darkest times and throughout happiest times, He is the same beautiful Jesus.
I am learning more and more, through my life experiences, to trust Him no matter what. One thing I really love about Jesus is that He has, many times, showed up in the midst of mid-night dark life experiences and given me a special exhibition of His attentiveness to and love for me. He also rejoices with me when I’m happy.
He shows me much more mercy than I deserve, and when He does, I recoil with horror at my lack of mercy toward others and beg Him for a new heart, which He gladly gives me.
He puts people in my path- at times people whom I’d rather avoid, but when I minister to them for and with Him, my joy is made full.
I’m learning more and more that nothing can come to me or anyone that Jesus has not made provision for. He is the ultimate source of joy and peace. Life with Him is not all sacrifice and hardship: for a time the devil made me think that it was, then Jesus revealed to me the joy found in unselfish service as well as the joy found in the gifts and the fun experiences that He is happy to provide.
No matter what happens in this world, Jesus will be the ultimate Winner in the very end! What a hope!
Many blessings, prayers and much cheer,

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I’m just a young lady who is journeying through life with Jesus. I have much to learn and unlearn and I’m so grateful to be able to be guided by God in my growing process. I desire to learn and grow forever. May I never find a complacent, stopping point! As long as I continue to humbly walk with God, I will forever be His work in progress (adapted from the "About" page on my blog learnandgrow4ever.com).

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