Comfort for Those Suffering Tragedy and Loss

Dear Survivors,

The tornadoes that have just gone through Middle Tennessee have indeed caused much damage and much trauma. Experiences like these cause us to loose our sense of normalcy and security, if we had these feelings before. We realize that we are small and helpless and that our most well calculated plans cannot account for everything that might happen. We realize that life is fragile and precious. We think about what it means to live…and hopefully we think about how we are living our lives. We are shaken, we are sobered, and we have the opportunity to make this unsettling experience a starting point, a strange sort of graduation ceremony, to a more thoughtful and noble life.

If we didn’t pay much attention to God before, many, if not most, of us know that we need Him now. God doesn’t delight in traumatic events, but He uses them to remind us that He is the only entity that is 100% secure and trustworthy, no matter what. He also uses these events to show us that there is still concern, kindness and unselfishness in the world. When people get together to help each other recover from tragedy, when they donate goods to help those in need, and when they express compassion and sympathy, they are revealing the heart of God.
God doesn’t delight in death; He hates death. God mourns with those who grieve. Life is a precious thing. Deaths give us an opportunity to remember what is important in life, and to be aware of what is not. Life is precious. Let us allow the deaths that have just occurred to inspire us to treat one another with greater care, consideration, kindness and love.
The Lord loves us and He has not forsaken us. To each person reading this: I may not know you, but I love you. I don’t know your individual situations, but God does. He knows you very well and loves you unconditionally. So, please do keep your chin up. There are still silver linings to dark clouds.
Here are some encouraging songs to help us through this time of chaos, sadness and trial.
1. (scripture song from Psalm 28)
2. (scripture song from Psalm 73)
3. (“God Leads Us Along” song)


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