Helpful Resources For Fighting the Coronavirus

Hello everyone,

I hope that you all are staying calm, yet alert and trusting the Lord during these strange times.

I wanted to make everyone aware of some talks by Dr. Wes Youngberg (his bio can be found here: ) on how we can prevent and treat the coronavirus.

NOTE: What I am sharing is not intended to give anyone the impression that he or she should not seek professional medical care for symptoms of COVID-19. Especially if you are having severe COVID-19 symptoms; please go to the hospital!! Doing so could save your life!

Links to the talks: . This is a must watch in my opinion. This is a very informative talk. This video teaches people how to do hydrotherapy (treatments which utilize water).

UPDATE on 9/14/2020: Sadly, this video has been removed. 😦 You can, however, watch one of the treatments that was done in this video here:

I hope that you all will take the time to listen to these talks . I also hope that you all will use your commonsense as you listen, that you will most importantly exercise faith in God, and that you will seek to do the best you can in applying the things that you may learn from these talks.

I am planning to get serious about learning hydrotherapy myself. It is wonderful that God has given people insights on how to use water in treating illness!

Let’s trust God, stay calm and use this pandemic as an opportunity to learn things that we might not have learned otherwise. There is always something good to be found amidst bad situations. Courage!


Photo: Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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