The Amazing Benefits of the Whole Foods Plant-based Diet part III

Hello everyone,
Today I will be sharing part III of the series I am doing on the Whole Foods Plant-based Diet. Up until now I have not shared any recipes for foods that can be eaten in this diet. I am happy to let my readers know that this diet can be very tasty and delightful. In this part of the series, I will be letting my readers know what some of my favorite dishes have been through the years, and I will be providing links to where you can purchase the cookbooks that contain the recipes for these dishes, if you are interested in trying them. 🙂
There are vegan versions of very many kinds of foods. There is vegan macaroni and cheese, vegan lasagna, scrambled tofu (a great substitute for scrambled eggs), vegan pizza, vegan cheese and sour cream etc. There is so much out there for vegans to eat. A vegan diet does not have to be a deprived, boring and miserable diet by any means.
Furthermore, I was delighted to discover that those who are using government assistance to purchase food may actually have a much easier time being vegan than I had previously thought. Here is an article in which four young women share their experiences of being vegan on food stamps. Also, I did some research on what kinds of foods people are able to purchase using some of the government assistance programs, and I am linking some of the articles that I looked at here. (Joy oh joy! I called the SNAP Toll-free Information Number and discovered that, at least in my county, tofu, nondairy milks, nuts, oils and seasonings are included in what SNAP recipients are able to purchase.) In addition to all of this info, I also looked up some food banks and was pleased to see that they do offer some very healthful foods. Here are links to the food banks that I looked at. https://www.secondharvestmidtn.orghttps://www.gcfb.org
Having shared all of this, I will now move on to sharing some examples of foods that I and/or my family have (has) enjoyed throughout the years along with the cookbooks that the recipes for these foods came from.
Disclaimer: I was not paid to promote the cookbooks that are available at Amazon, AbeBooks Teach Services. I will not earn anything if you choose to click on any of these links and purchase any of these books.
                                                 The Guilt-free Gourmet
1. “Macaroni and Cheese, please!” 
2. “Chilli-Con Tofu” (tofu chili)
3. “Zucchini Tofoo Yung” (a kind of burger)
4. “Date Nut Cake” ( a vegan cake)
                                               Tasty Vegan Delights
1. “Split-Pea Soup”
2. “Carole’s Dahl” (a soup made with red lentils)
3. “Lasagna”
4. “Millet-Peanut Butter Puffs”
                                                     Incredible Edibles
1. “Biscuits”
2. “Cream of Potato Soup”
3. “Birdseed Bread”
4. “Gluten Steaks”
                                            100% Vegetarian
My family and I are not as familiar with this cookbook, but this cookbook does have some good recipes in it. This cookbook is great for people who want to eat vegan but who do not have a health food store nearby.
I hope that you will check out one or more of these cookbooks. 🙂 Following a Whole Foods Plant-based Diet can be a joy and a pleasure. 🙂
In part four of this series ( 4 weeks from now-I need a little more time than I previously thought that I would), I will share some scientific evidence for the benefits of following a Whole Foods Plant-based Diet. There is so much evidence that reveals the benefits of this diet and there are so many testimonials of people who have experienced wonderful changes in their health as a result of following it.
I hope that my readers are enjoying this series. May God bless you all. Let us all keep our chins up and trust in the Lord. He loves us all so much!

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