An Upside Down Day

Hello everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope that this entertaining story will warm hearts and reassure minds. Strange things happen sometimes, and it’s always good when we can find the lessons from and even the encouragement from these kinds of experiences.

Note: I am sharing this story with my friend’s permission.

A little over a month ago or so, a friend and I arranged to meet up and catch up with each other. We decided that my friend would pick me up and then we’d go to a park together. We expected to spend time just relaxing and spending time with each other. But you never know what a day will bring…

I gave my friend my address, but she mistakenly drove to a house two houses down the road which had an address that was very similar to mine. We connected, and sometime around then, the fiasco started. My friend tried to back her SUV out of the neighbor’s driveway by driving into their lawn first.

Unfortunately, the ground was a bit damp…and so it was muddy. “Spin, spin, spin”! went the tires. My friend struggled and kept thinking of ways to get out, turning her wheels different ways and pressing the accelerator…but nothing was working. Then, as she was backing up further, she hit the electric box. Smoke started coming out. That was the beginning of the commotion.

A lady came down the driveway from the house looking a little alarmed. My friend and I explained the situation to her, and soon everyone in the house had come out. My friend contacted her insurance company, and as I recall, the people in the house also made a call or two.

I am impressed with how kind these people were to my friend and me. Despite the way in which they had been inconvenienced, they were thoughtful and even hospitable. When it began to rain, they opened up their garage and put out chairs for us. Throughout the whole experience, they never lost their tempers, and they were just so gracious.

Because of the issue with the electric box, the power had to be shut off…and unfortunately, the power had to be shut off for a LOT of people. When the power was shut off, other neighbors began to come out of their houses. It so happened that the two closest neighbors were able to tow my friend’s SUV out of the mud! One brought his pickup truck, and the other brought a cable that was used to attach her SUV to his pickup. A couple of the men who were there also pushed on the back of the SUV as the man in the pickup pulled it out of the mud. It’s a beautiful thing when neighbors work together to do helpful, kind things.

On a kind of funny note (kind of ), the HOA vice-president, who lived across the street from the house where all of the commotions had happened, was having a Christmas party at his house that afternoon/evening. Well, when the power went out, people naturally started coming out of the house.

While the electric box/power issues were being worked out, my friend and I went on a drive and got to visit a little. I believe that God brought us back to the neighborhood at the right time because, by the time we had returned, a police officer was there to file some sort of report with my friend. While she talked with the police officer, I waited further down on the street. At least one car drove up, and the people in it asked me what was going on. I explained the situation to them.

When all that was needed to be done on my friend’s part was done, we came back to my grandparents’ house, where I’ve been living for the past few months. My friend and I were able to tell my grandparents about our adventure, and then after we had visited together some more, we said goodbye to each other and parted ways.

What an afternoon/evening!

My main takeaways? Friends are special no matter what happens, it is so wonderful when neighbors work together when things come up and are patient with each other through the process, and lastly, God is merciful and He looks out for everyone.

This was definitely a memorable experience: both in a negative sense and in a positive sense. Life is interesting, and even during inconvenient, difficult, and embarrassing experiences, we can still find life lessons and humor too. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope that you all have enjoyed this interesting story. I also hope that you will stay tuned for my next blog post next week in my series on Bible prophecy. Courage!

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Iโ€™m just a young lady who is journeying through life with Jesus. I have much to learn and unlearn and Iโ€™m so grateful to be able to be guided by God in my growing process. I desire to learn and grow forever. May I never find a complacent, stopping point! As long as I continue to humbly walk with God, I will forever be His work in progress (adapted from the "About" page on my blog

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