Heart Healing: Accepting God’s Mercy Out of Love for Jesus <3

Today I had a significant interaction with God. I finally acknowledged that I had been once again resisting His love and mercy. I know that I do not deserve His love and mercy, but I finally allowed myself to realize that I had been wounding Jesus by my unbelief. It is fairly often that anContinue reading “Heart Healing: Accepting God’s Mercy Out of Love for Jesus <3”

Heart Healing: Let’s Fill Up Our Treasure Boxes!

Hello everyone. 🙂 I apologize for my longer absence from blogging, and I’m grateful to be back. Today’s blog post is a short one, but it is still very meaningful. Some of the best, and certainly among the most heart-healing, treasures I have found are Bible verses I have memorized that I can think aboutContinue reading “Heart Healing: Let’s Fill Up Our Treasure Boxes!”

Heart Healing: The Death of Self-Righteousness and The Birth of Love

I chose this picture because it is such a representation of the reality inside of so many hearts. In this picture we see a grown man holding a teddy bear for comfort. Anyone who does an honest analysis of people will find out that adults are indeed only grown-up children. Both children and adults areContinue reading “Heart Healing: The Death of Self-Righteousness and The Birth of Love”

Heart Healing: His Earthen Vessel

Thanks to God, and only by His grace, I have reached a point in my life where I only want to be His vessel. I only want to be used by Him. I do not want to use Him. I am convinced that God did not put any of us in this world to liveContinue reading “Heart Healing: His Earthen Vessel”

Heart Healing: Fighting Against Impure “Love” with God’s Pure Love

I chose the picture in this blog post because it’s a beautiful illustration of who Jesus is to us. He can reach down and save us when we’re struggling to rise above the waves that come at us in life. He is so loving and so good! In these days, Satan is bombarding all ofContinue reading “Heart Healing: Fighting Against Impure “Love” with God’s Pure Love”

Heart Healing: His Ways are the Best

Whenever we live our lives depending on ourselves, our problems become harder to bear. Whenever we live our lives trusting in and cooperating with God, we have His strength to sustain and bless us no matter what we go through. I have lived life both ways (depending on myself and depending on God) and IContinue reading “Heart Healing: His Ways are the Best”

Heart Healing: An Encouraging Way to Live

Hello everyone. 🙂 In this blog post, I am talking about “encouragement.” There is so much discouragement in the world, and it’s wonderful that God gives each of us the opportunity to be among those who encourage and uplift. We humans tend to notice those who are prominent, while sometimes we overlook others who haveContinue reading “Heart Healing: An Encouraging Way to Live”

Heart Healing: He Understands <3

I chose this picture because it depicts a little girl who trusts in her father’s love. ———————————————————————————————————— This world is a pretty shaky place. It changes. Physical and mental illnesses come. Divorces come. Estrangements come. Brokenness comes, and we humans sometimes find our way into addictions and more brokenness when brokenness comes. Deaths come. ThisContinue reading “Heart Healing: He Understands <3”

New Year’s Musings

Happy New Year, everyone. 🙂 I think that it’s fitting at this time of year to reminisce over the blessings we’ve been given over the past year, while we look forward to new opportunities for growth in the year ahead of us. It hit me…I might not have seen this year at all had GodContinue reading “New Year’s Musings”