The Sacred and the Sweet: Better Than Sleep

Photo by Roon Z from Pexels

Hello everyone. 🙂 I hope that the testimony that I will be sharing today will be inspiring and touching to many people. God is so good, and sometimes He gives us such refreshing experiences. I don’t clearly remember all of the details of this testimony, but I am sharing it as best as I can (not everything I share here may be exactly as things happened).

One evening, I was just plain overwhelmed and exhausted. I went to bed at around 10:00 PM that night: tired, and not in the best of spirits. I woke up at around 3:00 AM, and I asked the Lord if He had woken me up in order to spend time with me. I felt that He would give me another hour of sleep, and so I settled back down.

At 4:00 AM, I woke up and really felt that the Lord wanted to spend time with me. I got out of bed and sat in the recliner chair in my room. For two hours, I enjoyed sweet communion with God, through prayer and through spending time in His Word.

When I worked my morning shift later that morning, I was surprised at how efficient I was. I finished my work earlier than I had been able to finish for a while. I felt that God had truly helped me.

Furthermore, for the rest of the day, I was not tired. Despite not getting as much sleep as I have found that I need in order to not feel tired during the day, I was feeling sufficiently rested! This is why I have entitled this blog post “Better Than Sleep”. In this instance, the time that I spent with God was just as rejuvenating as time spent sleeping in bed! It was so amazing!

Will God always give me experiences such as this one? I don’t know. I know that God “gives His beloved sleep.” Psalm 127:2 (NKJV) God wants us to sleep and be well rested. however, it is apparent to me that sometimes He realizes that we need extra time with Him, and if He sees best in His loving wisdom, He can make that extra time with Him as rejuvenating as sleep is.

What a loving and kind God! He amazes me…

I quoted Psalm 127:2 from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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I’m just a young lady who is journeying through life with Jesus. I have much to learn and unlearn and I’m so grateful to be able to be guided by God in my growing process. I desire to learn and grow forever. May I never find a complacent, stopping point! As long as I continue to humbly walk with God, I will forever be His work in progress (adapted from the "About" page on my blog

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