Simple, Homemade 100% Natural Cough Syrup Recipe

This is the season for germs. 😦 Lots of illness is going around these days. With this being the case, I thought that it would be good for me to share a natural cough syrup recipe that I have personally found to be quite effective when dealing with a cough. I hope that this syrupContinue reading “Simple, Homemade 100% Natural Cough Syrup Recipe”

The Sacred and the Sweet: A Simple, Powerful and Heartwarming Truth

Hello everyone. I know that sometimes we go through times when we feel very overwhelmed by sadness, discouragement etc.. Sometimes our hearts can feel so very heavy. At moments like these in my life, I have found great comfort from pondering this simple, touching and powerful thought; “The Lord loves me”. Knowing that God lovesContinue reading “The Sacred and the Sweet: A Simple, Powerful and Heartwarming Truth”