The Sacred and the Sweet: When God Spoke to a Puppy

Hello everyone. 🙂 Today’s post was copied, pasted and slightly adapted from a Facebook post I made last October. I pray that this simple account will be encouraging to many people. 🙂 “I am so delighted and am rejoicing in the Lord! God has been really showing His love and His sustaining power today inContinue reading “The Sacred and the Sweet: When God Spoke to a Puppy”

I Found Something Good! :) part 5

Hello everyone. Note: I just want to say upfront: This blog-post contains a heartbreaking story with a beautiful ending. This blog-post shares a video of an incredible story of forgiveness. I apologize that the title of this series and the theme picture for the series don’t match the gravity of the story I am sharingContinue reading “I Found Something Good! 🙂 part 5”