Heart Healing: Fighting Against Impure “Love” with God’s Pure Love

I chose the picture in this blog post because it’s a beautiful illustration of who Jesus is to us. He can reach down and save us when we’re struggling to rise above the waves that come at us in life. He is so loving and so good! In these days, Satan is bombarding all ofContinue reading “Heart Healing: Fighting Against Impure “Love” with God’s Pure Love”

Belated Happy Thanksgiving

Hello everyone. 🙂 I intended to make a Thanksgiving blog post yesterday, but I never got around to it, so here it is today. Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! I am grateful for God’s blessings to me over the past year. He has been refining my character and providing me with opportunities for growth. I amContinue reading “Belated Happy Thanksgiving”

I Found Something Good! :) part 9

Hello everyone. 🙂 Today’s story is absolutely heart warming. What an amazing story of true love. I invite you all to watch it below. We all have a deep, heart-felt longing to belong. God has given us this desire. It is beautiful to see how Paul’s biological sister’s family embraced him: how they allowed GodContinue reading “I Found Something Good! 🙂 part 9”

I Found Something Good! :) part 4 (Father’s Day post)

Hello everyone. 🙂 Today is a special day…it’s Father’s Day! I have been truly blessed as I have a loving father, and two loving grandfathers. They have all sought to make my life happy and I respect, admire, love and appreciate them all. I am forever grateful for these wonderful men and I love themContinue reading “I Found Something Good! 🙂 part 4 (Father’s Day post)”

Jesus: Who He Is and How to Know Him: Why We Should Be Excited that Jesus Is Coming Again

Hello everyone. 🙂 Today, I am SO privileged to be able to impress all of us of one reason why we should all be excited that Jesus is coming again. We can know that Jesus is coming again, but in order to be excited that He is coming again, we must long to see Jesus.Continue reading “Jesus: Who He Is and How to Know Him: Why We Should Be Excited that Jesus Is Coming Again”